Kennel Staff


Ericka is one of our dedicated kennel staff at Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital. She makes sure that your pet is well fed, properly exercised and kept comfortable while staying in our kennel facilities. She attended Beaver Dam High School and has 4 children: Leslie, Lesset, Yesenia, and Erika.


One of our caring kennel assistants is Jessica, a graduate of Virgin Valley High School. She has been with our hospital for some time and continues to care for our animals as if they were own toy poodle, Roxi. If you find yourself wondering if your pet is being kept safe and comfortable, rest assured that Jessica is seeing to their needs!


Our newest kennel tech at Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital is Shantel. She is the daughter of Jose and Maria and has one sister named Shania. Once Shantel is finished with her school duties at Virgin Valley High School you can find her taking care of your beloved pets at VVVH. She is young and eager for the work and shows great promise and passion with animals. Shantel also has her own pets, a boxer named Duckie and a cat named Rambo.