Boarding services for pets is needed for a variety of reasons, such as vacation, medical issues, home renovations and even work obligations. Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer excellent boarding facilities within its walls. All animals are given care by a dedicated kennel staff that make sure all pets are given ample exercise time outdoors as well as food and water and a comfortable place to rest their heads.

While your pet is under the care of Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital, they can receive their yearly vaccination boosters, medicated baths and grooming of the hair and nails. All animals that are boarding at Virgin Valley must be up to date on their vaccinations and be parasite-free. This is done to ensure other animals do not become infected while under our care.

It should also be noted that cats and dogs have separate boarding facilities to keep your pet as calm and happy as possible while under the care of Virgin Valley staff. Our veterinarians supervise all animals in the boarding areas in case of medical emergency your pet will receive medical attention immediately. Call today to schedule your pet’s stay with Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital!