Dental Care

An often overlooked, but necessary aspect of healthcare in animals is dental care. The idea of brushing your pet’s teeth may strike you as humorous, but the veterinarians at Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital want you to know that this simple act may prevent several serious problems later down the road for your pet. Animals suffer from cavities, plaque and tartar build-up, gum disease and even abscessed teeth. If your pet goes untreated they can end up very ill from gastrointestinal infections or even sepsis.

During a normal exam, our veterinarian at Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital will take a look at your pet’s gum lines, teeth, cheeks, palate and tongue. How can you as a pet owner recognize if your pet is in need of dental attention? Look for signs such as bad breath (worse than normal) lack of appetite, whimpering when eating, and lethargy and in some extreme cases your pet may become aggressive towards you. If you notice any of these symptoms then bring your pet in right away for an exam by our staff at Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Once your pet is on the way to feeling better, Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital is pleased to help you keep them on the healthy dental path in life. We offer special toothpastes, topical medicines, supplements, and even tasty treats to freshen their breath and treat their plaque buildup.