Pain Management

One of the hardest areas of animal healthcare to identify and treat is pain. Animals have a natural instinct to hide pain due to the prey/predator relationship that is found in nature. Some signs to watch for if your pet is suffering from pain are whimpering, loss of appetite, social withdrawal, cries out when touched and in extreme cases, aggressiveness.

The veterinarians at Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital are well versed in recognizing and diagnosing pain and strive to treat pain in the best way possible for your pet. Pain is usually categorized in two ways: acute and chronic. Acute pain is usually due to sudden illness, trauma or injury. If surgery is necessary to relieve the pain, our highly trained doctors will get your pet in surgery as soon as possible in order to relieve their suffering. Virgin Valley will treat your pet with short term but higher dose pain medicines. If your pet is suffering from chronic pain, then they will usually receive longer term but lesser strength medicines. Chronic pain is usually due to age-related and weight-related issues. It can be joint pain, arthritis, diabetes related pain and even intestinal pain.

Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital will help you and your pet learn special exercises, eating the right foods and giving the correct medicines in the journey to get your pet pain-free.